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Helping you out in the yard
You don't have to face the elements alone! If you are a senior or disabled/chronically ill adult in the Scarborough area, you can take advantage of the Outdoor Maintenance program.

The program focuses primarily on snow removal in winter and grass cutting in the summer.

Matching students with people in need...

The work is generally preformed by students who are interested in assisting people in need. Scarborough Support Services refers eligible clients to students in their neighborhood. Clients are asked to supply all the necessary equipment needed to complete the job.

Other outdoor services

While the focus is on grass cutting and snow removal, we can arrange for the students to do other types of jobs such as leaf raking, yard clean-up and gardening. If the students are unable to fulfill your requests we can refer you to local companies or individuals who can.

 Is there a fee?
The Outdoor Maintenance Program works on a brokerage system, where we match students with clients, and the client then pays the student directly when the work is done. Here are our modest fees:

                  Grass cutting
                  $10.00 per hour (minimum of one hour)

                  Snow removal
                  $12.00 for a single driveway plus walkway
                  $17.00 for a double driveway plus walkway

 How to book
If you have any questions about this program or if you would like to sign up, call us at 416-750-9885 or email the program manager at

Looking to earn a little spare cash?
We are looking for people to shovel snow. if you are interested, call us at 416-750-9885 or email the program manager at

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