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Getting you where you need to go!
Elderly and disabled adults often find that getting to where they need to go is a barrier to independent living. We have a team of well-trained drivers available to help people get to medical appointments, with their shopping, banking and other errands.

Who can use the service?

If you or your loved one is elderly, disabled or chronically ill and you live in Scarborough, you are most likely eligible for the service. Seniors who use the service are often dealing with one or more of the following problems:
  • they have physical or psychological limitations that prevent them using public transportation
  • they are frail and require an escort
  • they may not be eligible for WheelTrans or any other assisted transportation
  • their friends or relatives may not be available to drive them a taxi service is more than they can afford

What kind of trips can the service be used for?

This service can be used for any kind of transportation you need, but priority is given to people who need rides to medical appointments. Here's what many people use the transportation service for:

  • medical, dental or therapy appointments
  • shopping
  • banking
  • errands

The service is mainly a pick-up and drop-off service, but drivers will assist you throughout the appointment if required.

Grocery delivery to your door

If you cannot get out to do your own shopping, our drivers can do the shopping for you. Just give us your grocery list and we'll pick up what you need at the nearest grocery store. Then we'll deliver your groceries to your home.

Group Shopping

We can also provide transportation for group outings like shopping. A group of up to seven people can be picked up at one location and driven to the nearest mall or grocery store.

 Is there a fee?
There is a small fee for the transportation service. The amount of the fee depends on the location of the appointment. Please contact the Program Co-ordinator for more details.

 Program hours
The program operates from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

 How to book
To book an appointment call 416-750-9885 or email the program manager at

NOTE: We recommend that you book your rides well in advance to give us time to schedule a driver. Remember, we give priority to those needing rides to medical appointments. Also, please be aware that this is not an emergency service.

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